Sample Menus
Catering by Becky

    Each event is priced individually depending on your requirements.  If you are planning a somewhat casual event we can provide a great meal including your choice of several entrees, salad and bread for as little as $11.50 per person for lunch.  On site catering for weddings start at $13.50.  Multiple entrees, salads, beverages and style of service may increase the price depending on what you choose.

One of our most popular meals includes Penne Pasta with alfredo sauce, fresh vegetables and grilled chicken.  It is served with Caesar salad and garlic bread.  It's a full meal delivered and set up at your site starting at $11.50 per person at lunch!!  You can take it from there or we can tend it.

Another specialty is a Taco Bar.  We provide seasoned ground beef, chicken, refried beans, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and 3 kinds of salsa.  This also starts at $11.50 per person.

                     We can assist you in deciding all of the details for your event.

We pride ourselves on giving you the absolute best value for your money along with service that will exceed your expectations.